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All websites need ongoing maintenance, monitoring, and security. The first two, maintenance and monitoring, are also part of security. Unmaintained sites, with out of date code, old plugins, servers, and other out of date technologies, are potential security risks.

At a minimum Content Management Systems (CMS), such as WordPress and Drupal should be kept up to date with current versions of core files, as well as any installed plugins. Furthermor, old, unused plugins and themes should be removed.

Websites, particularly any with logins, administrative functionality, or databases, need to be monitored. Not all websites are hacked, but the only one that matters is yours. Regular maintenance and monitoring, are less expensive, and much less stressful than website recovery.

At Studio 4130, we provide website maintenance, monitoring, security, site backups, and website recovery. We offer plans tailored to your needs and budget, but we can also jump in an help in an emergency. Often, that’s how a client becomes a client. We’d prefer you come to us first, but we can help either way.

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