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Studio 4130

Studio 4130 combines Shelby Bauman’s talents in graphic design with husband Kevin Bauman’s expertise in photography and web development.

In the early days of our joint venture, design and photography were equal pieces of the pie. Nowadays, we’re finding that web development takes the biggest slice.

We provide the in-depth web technology expertise that many businesses lack. It’s what keeps web development clients coming back to us, year after year.

While many recent projects have focused on web development, Kevin’s photography and Shelby’s graphic design continue to complement our work.

Shelby Bauman

Shelby has run everything from a climbing gym to trade shows, business projects to web production, and content management to client relations. She also has worked as a web and graphic designer, and has delved into web development.

When not working on a Studio 4130 project, Shelby likes to hit the ski slopes, ride her bike, and spend time with the family. If she can combine all three in one day, so much the better!

Kevin Bauman

Kevin has worked in sales, business management for an alternative news weekly, and freelance writing for magazines. His photography has been recognized with numerous awards, features in TIME and The New York Times, and interviews with ABC News, Kai Ryssdal on American Public Media's “Marketplace,” and Phoebe Judge on “The Story.”

Kevin now focuses on website and web application development, where he provides clients with many years of insight and technology expertise.

When not working on a Studio 4130 project, Kevin can found on the slopes, on a run, mountain biking the trails around Whitefish, or hanging out with family and friends.

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