Web Application Development

A web application, like a website, resides online. For the most part, that’s where the similarities end. Web applications use many of the traditional web technologies such as HTML and CSS, but but they require a different strategy, domain of knowledge, and often a different technology stack.

At Studio 4130, while we’re not fans of buzz-words we work with the latest of them, including “Big Data”, and the “Cloud”. We are experienced with building RESTful applications using modern JavaScript frameworks such as Meteor, Angular, and Backbone. We’ve built 3D, in browser, rendering applications, Big Data applications, Business Intelligence applications, social gaming applications, and financial services applications.

We’re currently helping two startups bring their ideas to life using Meteor to build an MVP (minimally viable product), using a Lean methodology. We’re fans of Agile software development and work in iterations, with tasks based on user stories.

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