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Website Development

Need a customized content management system for your site? We can build you one from scratch,
using frameworks like CodeIgniter and Zend. We also use open-source tools like WordPress and Drupal. They have a solid track record, and they're built and maintained by an international team of developers. And we'll try not to re-invent the wheel at your expense. That's why WordPress, WooCommerce, Drupal, Magento, and Shopify provide the foundation for 99% of our website and eCommerce development projects.

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Web Application Development

At Studio 4130, we have many years of application development experience. We've built big data dashboards, 3D rendering applications, and complex cloud-based workflows. Our app development clientele comes from the big data, energy, and business services industries. The Studio 4130 toolbox is JavaScript-heavy and utilizes frameworks like Backbone, Angular, and Meteor, along with RESTful APIs.

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Graphic Design

What are your printed materials saying about your brand? Are they helping you achieve your goals?

At Studio 4310, we create logos, brochures, business cards, car wraps, invitations, flyers, and large-format graphics for the interior and windows of your store. They're designed to appeal to your market, and that can help you increase sales and profits.

We design with your brand, your goals, and your market in mind. Our client's success is the goal.

Web Design

Effective websites don't just look good – they also work well. The Studio 4130 team combines your
brand, feel, and market with a user experience that keeps them coming back for more.

Need versatility? Our sites work on desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and phones.

We have designed websites for businesses and individuals in a variety of industries, including
biomedical and medical technology, fitness, legal, photography, and small business consulting.

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Website Maintenance & Security

You've designed, developed, and launched a beautiful, useable, and effective website. Good job. Unfortunately, that's just the beginning. Websites require maintenance and needs to be secure.

Content management platforms such as WordPress and Drupal, as incredible as they are, need to be monitored and kept up to date. At Studio 4130 we have years of experience with updating, fixing, maintaining, migrating, securing, and recovering WordPress and Drupal websites.

Website Maintenance and Security


Studio 4130's co-founder started providing photographic services back in the 1990s. His award-winning photography has enhanced the work of clients in a wide range of industries, including architecture, interior designer, real estate development, manufacturing, and biomedical devices.

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