Sitka Salmon Shares

Application Development, Web Development


Sitka Salmon Shares is a “boat-to-doorstep seafood company.” They connect independent fishers, and seafood consumers, by delivering fresh caught seafood from Alaska, direct to consumer’s doorsteps in the lower 48 states. Not only does Sitka Salmon Shares have a unique proposition, in delivering fresh seafood, but they, along with their fishermen, also work towards the sustainability of the fisheries they depend on.

We worked with Sitka Salmon Shares to, quickly produce a series of e-commerce templates in time for the holiday rush. We worked with existing standards to produce fully responsive templates, based on new designs.

Additionally, we created a series of API endpoints running on Heroku, to allow for a customized workflow between Shopify, Stripe, and Salesforce. The customized, and automated workflow cut down on the amount of manual data input, as well as eliminated the possibilities of duplication, or missed transactions.


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